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Florida, with five cruise ports — Miami, Port Canaveral, Port Everglades, Tampa, and Jacksonville — is the world’s most popular spot for cruising. Millions of passengers embark on their trips from the state every year. And with those people come plenty of questions. Where do I park? How do I get to the port? Do I need a passport?

That’s why we created

Our site has one purpose — to answer every question you have about cruising from Florida. It’s a big task, but we know we’re up to it. We’ve simply made it our goal to give you as much information as possible about parking, transportation, cruises, rules, and more from every port in the state. Meanwhile, we also want to keep you up to date on the latest news about Florida cruising.

Put simply, cruising is our passion and we want to make it yours too. Tell your friends.

Happy sailing!

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