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Can I Smoke on My Cruise? Real & Electronic Cigarettes

Want to light up while you’re sailing the seas? Then you better read up on the rules.

While smoking rates continue to decline, there are still plenty of people that like to have a cigarette. Moreover, many people like to smoke while they drink, which is pretty often when you’re on a cruise.

But many cruise lines are steadily putting restrictions on where you can smoke on the ship. In fact, just the past 2-3 years the major cruise lines — specifically Royal Caribbean and Carnival have tighten the clamps on smoking aboard the ship.

To help you make sense of the current rules, we have some general outlines regarding smoking and some specific rules by the major cruise lines.

General Smoking Rules

While each cruise line is different, the majority of them have similar rules on smoking.

Smoking is normally not allowed inside the ship except for a few special places like nightclubs or casinos. Most ships have designated outdoor smoking areas (usually on one side of the ship, on a lower deck). Smoking is usually not allowed inside your cabin, and smoking on the cabin balcony is increasingly a no-no. For the most part, electronic cigarettes or “e-cigarettes” fall under the same rules as traditional smokes.

For specific cruise line rules regarding smoking, keep reading…

Carnival Cruise Lines Smoking Policy

Carnival doesn’t allow smoking inside the ship except in the casino and jazz clubs. There is no smoking in the cabins, but balconies are ok. Here is the policy from Carnival’s ticket contract:

“Smoking is prohibited in all public areas except in designated exterior open deck areas, certain dance and jazz clubs, and designated areas in the casino. The Spa suite and stateroom accommodations are an entirely smoke free environment, including the outside balcony. Effective December 1, 2011 smoking is prohibited in all staterooms. Beginning December 1, 2011, Guests with a balcony stateroom may only smoke outside on their balcony.”

Note that Carnival enforces these rules for both real and electronic cigarettes.

Royal Caribbean Smoking Policy

Royal Caribbean has a similar smoking policy, except that it is not permitted on stateroom balconies. Here is a recent update to their policy:

“Under the new policy, smoking will not be permitted in staterooms and on stateroom balconies fleet wide on all ships. Additionally, all indoor public spaces will be smoke free, with the exception of the Casino, the Connoisseur Club on Freedom and Voyager Class ships, and one designated smoking venue on ships sailing from Chinese homeports. In the Casino, there will be designated smoking and non-smoking areas. Additionally, Outdoor smoking areas will be designated on the starboard side of all ships; with the exception of Oasis-class ships that will allow smoking on the port side of the ships.”

Electronic cigarettes fall under the same rules.

Princess Cruises Smoking Policy

Princess does not allow smoking inside the ship except for designated areas like cigar lounges and parts of the casino. Smoking is not allowed on stateroom balconies.

“Clearly marked “Designated Smoking Areas” are available onboard and include a sufficient number of ashtrays that are emptied regularly. Generally, these areas include cigar lounges, a section of the nightclub and casino, as well as a portion of the open decks.

“For all voyages departing after January 15th, 2012, Princess Cruises will prohibit smoking in passenger staterooms and balconies.”

Unlike other cruise lines, Princess allows you to smoke electronic cigarettes almost freely:

“The use of electronic cigarettes is permitted in all areas onboard with the exception of dining areas and the Princess Theater. However, should a fellow passenger in the vicinity feel inconvenienced and complain, even after being told the difference between electronic cigarettes and real cigarettes, we will ask the passenger to refrain from smoking the electronic cigarette.”

Norwegian Cruise Lines Smoking Policy

Norwegian allows smoking on cabin balconies, casinos, and cigar lounges.

“If you smoke regular or electronic cigarettes, you can do so on your balcony, in the casino or in the Cigar Bar (where available). If you prefer pipes or cigars, you can smoke in the Cigar Bar or designated smoking lounge. Also, you can smoke cigarettes, pipes and cigars outside on open decks (just not around food venues, sports decks, kids’ pool areas and other designated nonsmoking areas). Smoking inside your stateroom will result in a $250 cleaning charge added to your onboard account.”

Because the electronic cigarettes still cause some confusion, they must follow the same rules as traditional cigarettes.