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Getting to the Tampa Cruise Port (Port Transportation)

If you’re flying into Tampa to take your cruise, or simply driving in from the surrounding area, you can’t start your vacation without getting to the terminal first! Below we have all the information you need to get to the port by Uber, Lyft, taxi, or shuttle.

First, here is a map showing the Port of Tampa in relation to the city:


The port’s official address is 1101 Channelside Drive, Tampa, Florida, 33602 if you wish to map your route using GPS. It’s about nine miles from Tampa International Airport.

If you are parking for your cruise, click here for more info on your options.

Arriving at the Tampa Cruise Port Without a Car

If you’re flying into the Tampa airport, it’s very easy to get back and forth to the cruise port. The two best options are a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft, or to take a taxi. Both are fairly convenient.

FLORIDACRUISETIP-LyftUber/Lyft (Recommended): If you are familiar with rideshare companies, then you’ll be happy to know that both Uber and Lyft operate in the Tampa area. If you don’t know these companies, they operate a service where you can request rides around a city from your smartphone. The entire transaction takes place through the phone — from requesting a ride to paying.

Uber/Lyft are a great option whether you are coming from the airport or anywhere else around town as they offer service in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, and surrounding areas. Thus, if you are staying in an area hotel or want to explore the city, you can rest easy knowing they can provide a ride.

You’ll likely find that Uber/Lyft also offer cheaper fares than taxis and better service than most taxis. For example, Uber estimates a ride from the Tampa airport to the cruise port would run $11-14, while Lyft estimates $13. Considering taxis charge a minimum of $15, that’s a better deal.

That’s why we would have to favor using Uber or Lyft over a taxi if we were needing transportation to the Tampa cruise port. For more on using these services in Tampa, read our article here.

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Taxis: The ride is short (less than 10 miles, or about 15 minutes) and the fare is very reasonable. Taxicabs leaving the Tampa airport have a set minimum of a $15 fare for any trip, no matter the distance. Meanwhile, there is a maximum fee of $25 from the airport to the cruise port. In other words, your trip will cost between $15-25. Given that several people can ride for this amount, taxis are a reasonably convenient way to get to your cruise.

If you are traveling from Orlando to cruise from Tampa, the following options may meet your needs.

Getting from Orlando to the Tampa Cruise Port

It may be that you find cheaper fares into Orlando International Airport, or maybe you want to visit Disney World while you’re in the area. Whatever the case, there are many people who need to get from the Orlando area to the Tampa port.

What most cruise passengers don’t realize is that the two cities are about 90 miles (1.5 hours) apart. For that reason, there aren’t a lot of options to get back and forth. There are some private car options, but the long drive makes them expensive. As well, taxis will run hundreds of dollars round-trip.

The best option we’ve found is a one-way car rental. We’ve found rates of about $55 one-way (and sometimes cheaper). Make that a round trip and add in taxi fare to and from the port and the rental car agency, and you can budget about $150 round-trip from Orlando to Tampa. That’s very reasonable considering that a taxi could cost twice as much.