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Jacksonville Cruise Parking

Posted September 30th, 2013 in Uncategorized by Admin

Jacksonville is a bit of an oddity for Florida cruising. While the other ports in the state serve a large number of cruise lines and ships, Jacksonville offers just one. The result is fewer passengers and thus, fewer cruise-related services.

Case in point is cruise parking. There are only a couple of viable options. Either park at the port for $15 per day, or park at the airport (12 miles away).

Here is a listing of the parking lots within the vicinity of the port:


Jacksonville Official Port Parking (JAXPORT): Like all cruise ports, Jacksonville offers parking right at the terminal. Unlike other ports, we think parking here isn’t a bad ideas despite the expense. Parking here costs $15 per day ($25 for oversized vehicles like RVs). Given the lack of options and their distance from the port, this isn’t a bad deal. No reservations are required. The lot opens at 10:30 a.m. on cruise day. The parking lot is also lit and fenced for security.

Cost: $15 per day
Distance: At terminal

Sandlot Parking: According to their website (and emails from readers like you), this lot is located just before you reach the cruise terminal. Apt to its name, it appears to be a no-frills lot. However, it’s hard to complain when Sandlot Parking charges just $7 per day when booked in advance online — less than half the $15 charged at the official Jacksonville lot. The drive-up rate is $10 per day. There is also a shuttle that runs to the port and is included in your parking charge.

This lot is small, so we recommend making a reservation online ahead of time.

Cost: $7 per day (if booked online in advance)
Distance: 2 blocks

Note: We have received several complaints from readers about Sandlot Parking, as well as emails from different people claiming to be the owners, but with different email and website addresses. At this point, we recommend searching elsewhere for cruise parking.

Parking Near the Airport: We don’t recommend the parking lots near the airport. For one, these lots are typically far away (about 15 minutes). They also don’t usually cater to cruisers. Most do not even have shuttles to the port. However, if you’re dead set on finding the cheapest parking for your cruise, Park EZ Fly does offer $5 a day parking and a shuttle to the port.

Individual Hotels: If you are staying in the area, contact your hotel to see if they will allow you to park your car for the length of your cruise. Some Jacksonville hotels also offer free shuttles to the port. If not,  you may still be able to park for free and catch a taxi to the port.


7 Responses so far.

  1. Mary says:

    Sandlot Parking is no longer in Business at the Jacksonville Port. The outside parking lot seems to operate under several different names, like Parking Mall or Jetway. Our experience was terrible. As a family, we made a decision to have my husband drive over on the Jetway van and grab our auto. He then came back to the port to pick the remaining three of us up for our trip home. Yes, it was right after the top football bowl games, but the condition of the van driver was not acceptable. When cruising out of Jacksonvile, be safe and park at the Port’s parking. The difference is a mere $5/day, so $20-25 per cruise. Not worth the potential outcome based on what we experienced.

  2. Patrick says:

    To Whom it may concern,

    I am “Patrick”, the original operator of Sandlot Parking. This company, Sandlot Parking, ceased operations in October 2015. The reasons for the service stoppage are many, but most center around illegal operations from the Owner. Without getting into names, meaning I do not want my own set of law suits. A few facts to consider:

    1.The website you have listed here, has been “under construction” for 11 months now.

    2. Park-Ez-Fly no longer exist at Jacksonville airport. The name has been pirated and all “Web Searches” are routed to Jetway Parking which has a horrible reputation for Cruise Parking online and on the cruise critic web-site for all sorts of interesting “risk” issues.

    3. I agree with your analysis of airport parking locations except for one. Wally Park has purchased Park USA and now provides 2 fifteen passenger busses dedicated to cruise parking. This is the only place in Jacksonville where you can find Paved, covered and security parking a mere 9 minute drive away. The lot is literally right at the first street light at the intersection of I95 and airport road. With clean restrooms and a cold drink – its very nice alternative parking in Jacksonville.

    So, my main reason for writing you all, is I still get calls every cruise wanting to know when the shuttle will be available to pick them up at the ship once they return. My number online is tied to the name Sandlot Parking. Since the web site seems to be permanently under construction and I am a bit tired of fielding the calls, can I ask you to eliminate this part of your Jacksonville Parking section. The one response you have above is spot on.

    Your site is well done and provides a great deal of valuable information for cruisers. You may want to reconsider the airport parking alternative and look into what WallyPark has to offer.


  3. Judy says:

    My family and I recently cruised out of Jacksonville on the Elation. Based on several recommendations from Cruise Critic we chose to park at Wally Park near the airport. What a wonderful experience. We arrived, freshened up in the very nice and clean restrooms and were on our way to the ship within minutes. The shuttle bus was waiting for us and two other couples. The cruise ship experienced a power outage at sea and did not arrive back in Jacksonville until 10:00AM. No worry. The shuttle buses were waiting for us and we were back at our car with luggage loaded in our trunk 12 minutes after we left the cruise ship. Service was awesome and the entire experience was extremely professionally managed. We would recommend this as a very nice alternative to Port parking in Jacksonville and will use them again on our next cruise out of Jacksonville.

  4. Ronald says:

    We cruise out of Jacksonville once or twice a year. This “sandlot” is now operated under many different names, literally a revolving door with no permanent signage or facilities. If you want great service and reasonable pricing the new lot at the airport, called WallyPark is top notch and the only lot where your car is protected via a paved and covered garage. Trip to the port was a mere 9 minutes and the shuttle was waiting for us upon our return.

  5. Rich says:

    We stumbled onto this Parking Mall located at the Jacksonville Port. It was horrible. When we returned, for a mere $25 savings, our car was a mess and full of ants. Appears it had been raining in Jacksonville for several days and the ants, and I mean thousands, found shelter in my car. Part at the port, the cruise is cheap enough. Why risk a great vacation to come home to a messed up car.

  6. Jerry says:

    We made the mistake of parking at this Parking Mall. It is a Mud Pitt and full of bugs. Would never recommend this as an alternative parking location regardless of the cost savings. No auto deserves this mess.