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Navigating the Port of Miami


If you’ve never been to the Port of Miami, then just the thought of trying to navigate one of the busiest cruise ports in the world can make you anxious.

Fact is, with 4 million annual passengers and the ability to port seven cruise ships at once, the buzz of the port can be overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be. The Port of Miami knows that it is welcoming passengers that come from all over the world — some who cruise regularly and others that have never taken a cruise in their lives. Therefore, they try to make navigating around the port as simple as possible.

Still, some people are intimidated by getting around. So to make things a little easier, we’ve put together this easy guide for making sure you find the right spot on cruise day.

Entering the Port of Miami


Your trip to the cruise terminals starts with getting to the port. The Port of Miami (also known as PortMiami) is located on Dodge Island, just across from downtown.

For more on how to get to the port, you can visit our directions page here.

It’s fairly easy to tell when you are at the entrance to the port. You’ll see the large sign “Port of Miami” roadsign with the icon of a cruise ship above the street and the American Airlines arena on your left.

Entering the port, there are a total of seven lanes. To get to the cruise terminal, you want to stay in one of the three middle lanes (also known as Port Boulevard). If you are going over a long bridge soon after turning into the port’s entrance, then you know you are on the right track.


As you go over the long, sweeping bridge you come to Dodge Island, which is home to the cruise terminal. As the bridge ends, you will see a sign splitting the road into two directions — one side for cargo terminals and another for cruise terminals. You want to be in one of the two leftmost lanes for the cruise terminals.

Continue down and you will see another sign marking the right lanes for the cargo terminals and the left lanes for the cruise terminal. Stick to you leftmost lanes and continue under the bridge.

So far, navigating the port has been pretty easy. To find the right cruise terminal, however, you need to be a little sharper-eyed going forward.

4As you keep going, the road will again split giving the option on where to go based on which terminal your ship is located. You will turn in one of the left two lanes if you are sailing out of Terminals F-J, or stay in the right two lanes if you sail from Terminals A-E

You should receive word of which terminal to find your cruise before you leave. If you don’t, then the electronic signs above the roadway should help guide you in the right direction by listing the name of your ship with its terminal.

Getting to Terminals A-E

After the split in the road for the turn-off for Terminals F-J, you will continue straight for Terminals A-E. Continuing down the road, you will eventually come to another large split. The leftmost lane will turn to take you to Terminals D-E. Staying in the two right lanes will take you to Terminals A-C.

5If you stay in the right lanes for Terminals A-C, you will continue for a bit until all the traffic veers to the left. As you come around the bend, the road essentially dead-ends at Terminal B. If you are sailing from Terminal C, simply take a left at the stop sign to continue to your ship.

Parking for Terminals B and C is typically in Parking Garage C. To enter the garage, you will continue past the two terminals and will see the parking garage on your left. Right after the garage, you will see an entrance to the left.

If you veered to the left to go to Terminals D or E, you will loop around a building and come out just down from Terminal D. As you continue down the street, Terminal D will be on your right and Garage D will be on your left.

If you are going to Terminal E, then you want to continue down the road past Terminal D. Once you arrive, parking for Terminal E will be on your left, directly across from the cruise ship. Terminal E is served by a surface parking lot.

Getting to Terminals F-J

When you split off from the main road through the port, you will turn left to go to Terminals F-J. As you finish looping back, you actually come out right by Terminal E. Don’t be confused. As you continue past Terminal E, you will soon from to Terminal F on your right, with ample room to drop off passengers and luggage.

10Continue farther past Terminal F and you will come to Terminal G and Parking Garage G. This garage is the closest to Terminals F and G.

If you are going to Terminal J, you should know that it is separate from the other cruise terminals and takes a little more navigation to get to.

First, you want to continue past Terminals F and G. After Terminal G, the road will take a turn to the left and go alongside the Parking Garage G. At the corner of the garage, the street take another left (which brings you to the entrance of the garage).

As you continue, you will come to a stop sign with a large sign for Terminal J, which is to your right. As you take your right, you will go under the bridge and take an immediate left onto Caribbean Way.

Caribbean Way is a short street. At the next intersection you will take a right, which will take you to Terminal J. You will see the parking garage on your left and the cruise terminal straight ahead.

Pictures courtesy of Google Maps