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Port Canaveral to Charge More for Parking

Posted March 28th, 2016 in parking by Admin

Get ready to shell out a little more if you park at the official port parking at Port Canaveral.

The port has approved to raise rates on their parking by $1 a day. Instead of the already high price (compared to off-port parking) of $15, passengers will now be charged $16 per day. Rates for oversized vehicles are going up $2 per day to $28 per day.

According to the port, the increase is needed to pay for recent upgrades to parking lots. This includes roughly $30 million in upgrades made in the past few years.

The $16 per day fee isn’t out of line with other official port parking in Florida. Miami charges $20 per day, while Port Everglades charges $15.

The new rates will be in place for a 90-day trial according to Florida Today.

Still, many people will see the new rates as a money-grab by the port. If you fall into that camp, then rest assured that there are several other options for you to park at Port Canaveral.

Many off-port parking lots (located just a few minutes away) charge as little as $8.95 per day for parking — 44% off the port’s price. This is a much cheaper option for those cruisers sailing on a budget.

There is no word yet if other lots plan to raise their rates as well.

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